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"The big leagues": Mémona Hintermann - Journey of a survivor by Clémentine Pawlotsky

Viewers knew her as a reporter in Afghanistan or Gaza, the media bosses found her, facing them, a member of the CSA from 2013 to 2019.In this circle, she was one of the few who could say " yellow vests ":" I understand them very well ..."Her different voice, sometimes stinging, sincerely committed so that the screens better represent society, drew on her personal history.Her social origin, Memona Hintermann has long killed her.Reunion, she experienced this "poverty that prevents you from breathing", the hunger that makes you eat a pineapple without even peeling it.

There is the mother, unmarried, "a very great shame", eleven children; the father, brutal, who drowns in alcohol.One is a “bigoted Christian Catholic”, the other, a Muslim and imposes the Koranic school.The siblings do not bicker, “we did not have time for that ".The school promises her that" there is something behind [her] life ".She imagines that we are reciting poems" endlessly "in the metropolis, but realizes that she is" not there " a Frenchwoman like the others ”when, in order to obtain her identity card, she must prove that she is indeed French when her grandfather had fought in 1914 because“ it was normal to fight for the mother country ”.VG

Ausha.co "Rags vs Fichon"

"Rags vs Fichon" by Hélène Carbonnel

"Rags vs Fichon" by Hélène Carbonnel

Aux Chiffons is a bar located 90, rue Marcadet, in Paris.A harbor, as they say, with its counter, its table football, its pinball machine, its regulars: Philippe, Vincent, Juliette, Léo, Virginie, Séb… And his owner, Gérard, dit Gégé, who opened the place in 2001 and called it that because “when the customers leave here, they are crumpled” (understand “drunk”) and because his apricot poodle was called Chiffon In short, a real popular bistro.

Posted Date: 2020-11-23

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